With the VX21PRO from the VISION series ESX offers an SPL subwoofer of the superclass. Resilient up to 6,000 watts RMS and 12,000 watts of music power. Alone the key data of this giant are more than impressive and let the SPL fans fall into ecstasy:

  • Mighty aluminum die-cast basket with high stability - a must with this with these mighty dimensions
  • 4 x 150 oz Quad Magnet Driver with a total weight of 17 kg
  • Glass fiber reinforced paper cone with an effective surface of 1662 cm2
  • 6-layer Nomex spider, which ensures a good and long-lasting cone guiding
  • 8-layer 10 cm (4”) voice coil (Made in the USA), which was wounded with copper sheathed ribbon aluminum wire, 80 mm high and is thus very light and efficient
  • Voice coil former made of black anodized aluminum
  • +/- 23 mm linear stroke, +/- 35 mm X-Max
  • Integrated 10 mm2  speaker cable with 1,5 m length

VX21PRO € 1599,00*

53 cm (21”) SPL Subwoofer

Power Rating 6000/12000 Watts RMS/max.

Impedance 2 + 2 Ohms

100 mm Dual Voice Coil

4 x 150 oz (17 kg) Y35 Quad Magnet

SPL up to 160 dB

X-Max. +/-35 mm

Installation Depth 335 mm

Installation Opening: 495 mm


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