VX2000 PRO

Mono Ultra Class D Digital Amplifier

With the VISION VX PRO models, ESX opens a whole new chapter, which is first about power and even more power. The classically styled models, of which there are five mono-bolides, offer incredibly high performance from 2200 to 13000 watts RMS. If you take the small VX2000PRO in your hand and take a look at the data sheet, you can hardly believe it: With a footprint of around 20 x 19 cm and an output of up to 2200 watts RMS at 1 Ω Ω, it brings even experienced Car Audio expert to marvel at. Thanks to the special ESX circuit technology, these results are no dream! This means that even the most powerful subwoofers can be adequately powered.


While commercially available mono blocks only have one cinch input, the VX PRO mono amps offer two of them. If you have an audio output device that outputs high power via cinch (e.g. a DSP or high-low converter), the "HIGH INPUT" is used for this. The "LOW INPUT" is used for control devices with a rather low output power (e.g. cheaper car radios). Due to the different inputs, leveling the power amp is much easier and better.


  • Advanced Class D technology with very high efficiency
  • Classically styled aluminum heatsink with optimal thermal properties
  • Screw-type RCA jacks, Massive power and speaker connections
  • Clipping LED, 3-way Protection Circuit


Mono Ultra Class D Digital Amplifier

1 x 800/1500/2200 Watts RMS @ 4/2/1 Ω

Subsonic 10 - 100 Hz

LPF 50 - 20000 Hz

Bass Boost 0 - 12 dB @ 30 - 70 Hz

RCA Low Level Input mono 0,4 - 3,6 V

RCA High Level Input mono 1,0 - 9,0 V

Dimensions 191 x 66 x 201 mm

Efficiency up to 86%

€ 379,00

Manufacturer's suggested retail price, changes and mistakes reserved.

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