38 cm (15”) SPL Subwoofer

Powerful and powerful are the attributes of the new ESX VISION VX PRO bolides, whose weight of around 20 kg signals the class in which they play as soon as they are unpacked. The subs come in basket sizes of 10, 12, and 15 inches. With a power rating of 2,500 to 3,500 watts RMS, they also require appropriate amplifiers. These can be found in the likewise new VISION VX PRO amplifier series with outputs from 1,250 to 13,000 watts RMS.


Only the highest quality ingredients found their way into the newly designed VX PRO models. All are made with heavy cast aluminum baskets with triple magnets. Absolutely dimensionally stable membranes are very important for woofers of this large caliber. ESX uses the best, but also one of the most expensive 3-layer composite cones made of carbon, hardened cotton and glass fiber. This results in highest stability with the lowest weight and thus withstands the enormous pressure generated by the powerful 300 ounce magnet drivers. In addition, the construction is stabilized by a carbon dustcap.


In order to be able to absorb a lot of power, ESX does not make any compromises when it comes to the voice coils and the 10 inch already uses a 76 mm CCAR coil and 100 mm coils are even used in the two larger models. CCAR coils are made of aluminum flat wire with copper coating, a heavy-duty combination that also saves weight and increased efficiency. The ample winding height of 58 mm in all models allows a linear cone stroke of up to +/- 23 mm. Terrific!


  • Mighty Aluminum Basket with high stability
  • 3 x 100 oz. Triple Magnet Driver with a total weight of 8,5 kg
  • 3-layer composite cone made of carbon, hardened cotton and glass fiber
  • Carbon dustcap
  • 100 mm (4“) CCAR voice coil made of aluminum flat wire with copper coating
  • +/- 23 mm linear stroke, +/- 30 mm X-Max
  • Stately total weight of 22 kg


38 cm (15”) SPL Subwoofer

Power Rating 3500/7000 Watts RMS/Max.

Impedance 2+2 Ω

Installation depth 251 mm

Installation diameter 358 mm

€ 849,00

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