7-Channel Class D Amplifier with 8-Channel Sound Processor

With the newly designed VISION ELITE DSP amplifier VE1300.11SP, ESX has immediately conquered the throne of the absolute top class (test in Car&Hifi 1/2024). The 11-channel amplifier with 12-channel DSP confidently sets the standards in the category of DSP high-end multi-channel amplifiers. The European EISA AWARD winners ESX D68SP, QL812SP and the flagship QE812SP prove that this is no coincidence. For the third year in a row, ESX DSPs have won the “In-Car Sound Processors” class!


With the VE900.7SP presented here, which is also completely newly designed, ESX is presenting an interesting model variant at the same time as the 11-channel model: The compact offshoot of the super-flagship, measuring just 250 x 50 x 150 mm, features seven internally amplified channels with the same audio quality and also impresses with an award-winning 8-channel high-end DSP.


With a total of 900 watts RMS in the small housing, the VE900.7SP is a small miracle: With 5 x 100 watts RMS at 4 ohms, speakers in the front and rear doors and a center speaker can be powered. BMW and Mercedes drivers will be happy about the two powerful additional channels, which fire the subs under the seat or in the footwell with 200 watts RMS at 2 ohms each. If you are still missing something in the deep bass area, you can connect another power amplifier via the sub output and integrate it into the DSP process.


A look inside also reveals only the finest components: The EISA award winning stand-alone DSP D68SP is used 1:1, which in the VE900.7SP even has an integrated Bluetooth module. With the 5558 and 4458 converters from Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) and the legendary DSP Core ADAU1452 from Analog Devices, even more high-quality, high-end material is used on the digital level. The high-end chip, which works with 295 MHz and 32 bit technology as well as a 96 kHz sampling rate, even enables full HD audio. Connection to the most modern vehicles is also easy thanks to the 6-channel high-level input with “EPS PRO”. Even vehicles with fault diagnosis systems work perfectly as a result.


In the VISION ELITE class, Bluetooth modules are on board as standard. Not only is music streaming possible, complete control of the built-in DSP is also child's play. Simply download the ESX DSP Toolkit app onto a tablet or mobile phone and off you go.


  • Analog Devices™ ADAU1452 32 Bit Processor, 294 MHz, Full HD Audio 96 kHz
  • AKM Velvet Sound™ Series 5 Signal Converter, A/D 32 Bit, D/A 32 Bit
  • HPF/LPF/BP @ 6-48 dB, Phase Shift, Time Correction 0 ~ 20 ms/0.01 ms steps
  • Input Mixer, Subwoofer Control, Priority Input Mode for digital Sources
  • DSP Control via ESX DSP Toolkit 
    - PC Software for Microsoft
    ® Windows™ 10 or newer
  • Integrated Bluetooth® Receiver (incl. Antenna) for DSP control via App and Fully HD Audio Streaming
    Bluetooth-Version 5.0, Profiles: A2DP/AVRCP, Codecs: aptX, aptx LL, AAC, SBC
  • REM OUT function for external devices, MODE switching input for e.g. convertible tops (Preset Auto Switch)
  • Optional Accessories: RC-DQ (LCD Remote Controller)


Class D 7-Channel Amplifier with

Digital 8-Channel Sound Processor

5 x 100 Watts RMS @ 4/3 Ω + 2 x 200 Watts RMS @ 2 Ω

Frequency Range 5 ~ 45.000 Hz

Signal-to-noise Ratio (A-weighted): 106,5 dB

THD 0,005% @ 1 Watts RMS, 0,003% @ 5 Watts RMS

Operating Voltage 7.5 ~ 17 V
Dimensions 250 x 50 x 150 mm


6 x RCA, balanced (via Molex Plug)

6 x High Level Input (via Molex Plug)

1 x Optical Stereo Input, S/PDIF 192 kHz, 24 bit

1 x Bluetooth® Stereo Input via Audio Streaming

1 x USB Type B Socket for PC Software

1 x RJ45 Input for Remote Controller

1 x Terminal  incl. REM IN/OUT  &  Mode Preset Switching Input

Input Sensitivity Low Level 500 mV ~ 6 V

Input Sensitivity High Level 2 ~ 15 V or 15 ~ 40 V (switchable)

Input Impedance Low Level 10 kΩ

Input Impedance High Level 10/150/600 Ω (switchable)
Auto Turn-On Function DC / VOX / OFF


5 x Amplified Speaker Output (via Molex Plug)

2 x Amplified Speaker/Subwoofer Output (via Molex Plug)

1 x Subwoofer Output (RCA via Molex Plug)

1 x Switching Output for External Fan +12V

€ 999,00

Manufacturer's suggested retail price, changes and mistakes reserved.

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LCD Remote Controller

Incl. Connection Cable and Mounting Housing


Bluetooth® Module

for Audio Streaming & DSP Control