11-Channel Class D Amplifier with 12-Channel Sound Processor

Masterpiece - that is the verdict of Elmar Michels, Car & Hifi editor-in-chief, in issue 1/2024. With almost unbelievable measured values such as extremely low noise, record-breakingly low THD and a rich amplifier performance that is available on ALL channels at the same time, the VE1300.11SP is confidently at the top of the world.


Test conclusion: “Not only does it stand there like a solid block of metal with its tactile quality, it also impresses with the finest components, incredible performance with 11 channels and, last but not least, perfect features. And the fact that Bluetooth is included for the price is amazing - a masterpiece with a rarely good price-performance ratio." Elmar Michels, Car & Hifi 1/2024


Thanks to its outstanding test results, the VE1300.11SP is now at the top of the high-end ranking for multi-channel power amplifiers in the absolute top class, which has raised the bar quite a bit. The entire ESX development team, led by Dominic Langenberg, can rightly be proud of this masterpiece.


With the impressive output of 9 x 100 watts RMS into 4 ohms and an additional 2 x 200 watts RMS into 2 ohms, the groundbreaking VE1300.11SP sets a new benchmark in its category. It is ideal for complex sound systems, easily supplies an armada of speakers and can drive even large subwoofers via two special channels.


The exceptional quality becomes particularly clear when you take a closer look at the integrated high-end 12-channel DSP. It's hard to believe: It's none other than the EISA AWARD winning ESX QL812SP, which the ESX engineers simply transplanted 1:1! Insiders know that the QL812SP is more than generously equipped: its computing power is provided by two ADAU1452 DSP processors from the high-end manufacturer Analog Devices, controlled by a 32-bit ARM processor. High reserves and speed are guaranteed. The best Velvet Sound models from AKM are used as converters. This makes full HD audio possible. To bring the DSP power amplifier to life, the VE1300.1SP not only has 8 RCA, but also 8 high-level inputs. The latter are equipped with ESX's own “EPS PRO” so that the connection to factory radios with diagnostic systems also works in modern cars.


As is usual with the large QL and QE stand-alone DSPs, the VE1300.11SP also has Bluetooth on board as standard. With this connection you can either stream music wirelessly or - and this is really ingenious - you can control the entire DSP with a tablet or smartphone using the app called ESX DSP Toolkit, which was developed specifically for the new processors.


Made by professionals for professionals - The search for the "absolute top class" high-end DSP power amplifier is over: The brand new DSP power amplifier VE1300.11SP is the ultimate tool to transform your vehicle into a concert hall. Experience music like never before - the VISION ELITE SERIES brings emotions to every note and gives your sound setup a powerful expressiveness.


  • Analog Devices™ ADAU1452 Dual 2 x 32 Bit Processor, 294 MHz, Full HD Audio 96 kHz
  • AKM Velvet Sound™ Series 5 Signal Converter, A/D 32 Bit, D/A 32 Bit
  • HPF/LPF/BP @ 6-48 dB, Phase Shift, Time Correction 0 ~ 20 ms/0.01 ms steps
  • Input Mixer, Subwoofer Control, Priority Input Mode for digital Sources
  • DSP Control via ESX DSP Toolkit 
    - PC Software for Microsoft
    ® Windows™ 10 or newer
  • Integrated Bluetooth® Receiver (incl. Antenna) for DSP control via App and Fully HD Audio Streaming
    Bluetooth-Version 5.0, Profiles: A2DP/AVRCP, Codecs: aptX, aptx LL, AAC, SBC
  • REM OUT function for external devices, MODE switching input for e.g. convertible tops (Preset Auto Switch)
  • Optional Accessories: RC-DQ (LCD Remote Controller)


Class D 11-Channel Amplifier with

Digital 12-Channel Sound Processor

9 x 100 Watts RMS @ 4/3 Ω + 2 x 200 Watts RMS @ 2 Ω

Frequency Range 5 ~ 45.000 Hz

Signal-to-noise Ratio (A-weighted): 106,5 dB

THD 0,005% @ 1 Watts RMS, 0,003% @ 5 Watts RMS

Operating Voltage 7.5 ~ 17 V
284 x 54 x 181 mm


8 x RCA, balanced (via Molex Plug)

8 x High Level Input (via Molex Plug)

1 x Optical Stereo Input, S/PDIF 192 kHz, 24 bit

1 x Bluetooth® Stereo Input via Audio Streaming

1 x USB Type B Socket for PC Software

1 x RJ45 Input for Remote Controller

1 x Terminal  incl. REM IN/OUT  &  Mode Preset Switching Input

Input Sensitivity Low Level 500 mV ~ 6 V

Input Sensitivity High Level 2 ~ 15 V or 15 ~ 40 V (switchable)

Input Impedance Low Level 10 kΩ

Input Impedance High Level 10/150/600 Ω (switchable)
Auto Turn-On Function DC / VOX / OFF


9 x Amplified Speaker Output (via Molex Plug)

2 x Amplified Speaker/Subwoofer Output (via Molex Plug)

1 x Subwoofer Output (RCA via Molex Plug)

1 x Switching Output for External Fan +12V

€ 1499,00

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LCD Remote Controller

Incl. connection cable and mounting housing