20 cm (8") Active Subwoofer System

With the precisely fitting QUANTUM QXF201A active subwoofer with integrated 200 watt amplifier, music lovers get exactly what door loudspeakers cannot provide - the necessary deep bass foundation!


Anyone who previously shied away from sacrificing valuable storage space for an additional bass will be amazed by the ingenious installation solution of the ESX sub: It is attached directly under the center console, below the cup holder. However, in order to avoid annoying vibrations and resonating of the can holder, the ESX developers have come up with a clever mounting solution: The actual subwoofer is attached to the vehicle's metal bars behind the console using a special steel frame. Mounted in this way, the QXF201A "floats" in the air, i.e. annoying vibrations cannot be transmitted to the console or the dashboard.


Where 6-inch subwoofer solutions deliver a rather thin bass foundation, the QXF201A really comes into its own with its extremely powerful 8" (20 cm) special subwoofer. Rich basses in previously unthinkable quality ensure unique musical enjoyment. Practical: With the included bass level cable remote control, the volume of the sub can be conveniently adjusted from the driver's seat. Complete: All signal and power cables as well as an integrated fuse and pre-crimped cable lugs are also included in the scope of delivery.


20 cm (8") Active Subwoofer System

Integrated Class A/B amplifier

1 x 100/200 Watts RMS/Max.

LPF Crossover 50-150 Hz

Bass Boost 0-12dB @ 45 Hz

Subsonic 20 Hz fixed

Phase Shift 0/180°

RCA Inputs

Auto Turn-On Function

High Level Inputs

Bass Remote Controller

Dimensions 210 x 73 x 290 mm


Fiat Ducato III (Type 250, 2006+), Ducato IV (Type 290, 2015+)

Citroën Jumper II (Type 250, 2006+), Jumper III (Type 290, 2015+)

Peugeot Boxer II (Type 250, 2006+), Boxer III (Type 290, 2015+)

Fiat Ducato 8/9* (2021+), Opel Movano III (10/2021+)
* the battery compartment cover must be modified (see owner's manual)



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