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ESX is known for its high quality components in the car audio branch. In addition to high-quality amplifiers and DSP products, ESX also offers a large selection of speakers. Since the loudspeakers are built into vehicles and problems often arise there when sheet metal or door panels vibrate undesirably, ESX has now added a wide range of damping materials to its range. With the RAZOR MAT aluminum butyl and acoustic foam, ESX enables professional sound damping in vehicles. Because there is one thing that no music fan wants: background noise or vibrations that spoil the enjoyment of music.


Not all aluminum butyl is the same. In the end, it comes down to the right composition and internal structure, and not just the weight or strength of the material. Good aluminum butyl has high mechanical damping properties and can calm down unwanted vibrating parts like a good shock absorber. At the same time, the sound is insulated, so that an additional acoustic barrier is created by applying aluminum butyl. All of this has a positive effect on the interior acoustics and the reproduction quality of the loudspeakers.


The aluminum butyl QRM18 already has very good all-round damping properties. With its 1.8 mm thickness, it is easy to process and well suited to insulate doors or trunk spaces. If the surface allows, the 2.2 mm thick QRM22 with a loss factor (MLF = Mechanical Loss Factor) of 0.35 is an even better choice. The ingenious QRM30S comes up with the best damping properties. With a thickness of 3.0 millimeters and a loss factor MLF of 0.5, this RAZOR MAT calms down even problematic areas. The sound result is astonishing: where vehicle parts previously “rattled” and “clattered”, there is absolute silence after applying the QRM30S. Only what the loudspeaker is supposed to reproduce can be heard.

QRM22 € 139,00*

Quantum Razor Mat

Aluminum Butyl, self-adhesive

2,2 mm thickness, MLF = 0,35

11 mats with 700 x 500 mm (3,85 sqm)

* Manufacturer's suggested retail price, changes and mistakes reserved