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The brand new QUANTUM QL amplifiers in the ESX Portfolio are technically the small siblings of the QE models. Ideally, they can be used where the installation space is very tight. They are also emission-free and, like the large QE models, have the finest Class-D technology on board, which leaves nothing to be desired in terms of performance, sound quality and setting options. The optical appearance and dimensions the QL models share with the XE-DSP amps and the X-DSP processor, so that the combination of these devices enable high-quality DSP systems with a lot of power. The QUANTUM QL models are also coming with the space-saving remote control. The 24V versions can be operated in trucks and coaches with a 24 volt electrical system.

• Advanced Class D technology with very high efficiency

• Selected and audiophile tuned components

• Massive aluminum heat sink

• Heavy lateral die-cast parts

• High Level Inputs with Error Protection System

• Auto Turn-On Function, Start/Stop Ready

• MOSFET PWM-Power Supply, 3-way Protection Circuit

• Compact Bass Remote

QL750.1 (24V) € 299,00*

Mono Class D Digital Amplifier

750 Watts RMS Output Power

1 x 450/750 Watts RMS @ 4/2 Ohms

Subsonic 10-40 Hz, LPF 40-150 Hz

Bass Boost 0-12 dB, Bandpass Modus

High Level Inputs, Auto Turn-On Function

Compact Bass Remote

Dimensions: 226 x 43 x 120 mm

Efficiency up to 92%


Owner's Manual

* Manufacturer's suggested retail price, changes and mistakes reserved