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The Quantum Door Kits from ESX are particularly suitable for calming down vibrating or rattling parts in the area of the vehicle doors or in the trunk. They contain a combination of three different components: 1. aluminum butyl mats, 2. acoustic foam (smooth) and 3. acoustic foam (nubbed). All parts are self-adhesive and therefore easy to work with. Sufficient for two complete vehicle doors and more.


Both damping sets contain two sheets of flat QSC7 acoustic foam, four sheets of knubbed QSC15 acoustic foam and 8 sheets of aluminum butyl. 8 Razor Mats QRM20S are packed in the higher quality Quantum QDK2 door kit, which can be recognized by the printed red lettering. The technical special thing about these panels is that they have a very high mechanical loss factor with an MLF value of 0.4 and therefore insulate better than conventional aluminum butyl mats of the same thickness. With a thickness of 2.0 mm, they can even be processed optimally, even in difficult places.

QDK2 € 129,00*

Quantum Door Kit 2 for damping of two vehicle doors

8 x Aluminum Butyl Mats QRM20S, format 500 x 370 mm, thickness 2,0 mm, MLF 0,4

4 x Acoustic Foam QSC7, flat structure, format 500 x 370 mm, thickness 7,0 mm

2 x Acoustic Foam QSC15, nubbed structure, format 500 x 370 mm, thickness 15,0 mm

* Manufacturer's suggested retail price, changes and mistakes reserved