2-Channel Class D Plug+Play Nano Digital Amplifier

With an impressive 2 x 95 watts RMS at 2 Ω, the little QUANTUM QS-TWO is anything but slim. On the contrary, it drives loudspeaker systems with 4, 3 or 2 Ω impedance without difficulty and remains very stable even under critical loads. With a mono bridge output of 190 watts RMS at 4 Ω, it can also elicit a lot of bass from subwoofers. Incidentally, it impresses with its high-end sound: thanks to the huge bandwidth of up to 60,000 Hz and a sensationally low distortion factor of <0.007% (THD + N @ 5W), the QS-TWO is way ahead.


ESX masters the construction of Class D power amplifiers so well that the QS-TWO can come up with a sensational efficiency of up to 90% and EMC interference-free. The modern technology saves electricity, relieves the vehicle's electrical system and protects the high-quality components from overheating. Thanks to the high degree of efficiency, no thick power cables need to be pulled. If you want it to be very easy, you can use the QS-TWO-ISO, which can be supplied via a pre-assembled ISO cable harness, e.g. can be connected behind the car radio.


  • Efficient Class D Amplifier with ultra-compact dimensions
  • Heavy die-cast Heatsink with perfect cooling characteristics
  • Auto Turn-On Function
  • High Level Inputs with Error Protection System (EPS)
  • Start/Stop Ready


  • RCA Inputs (via Molex)
  • Stereo RCA Output for e.g. active Subwoofers
  • HPF/LPF switchable
  • Perfect for HD-Audio
  • ISO Plug+Play Wire Harness (60 cm)


2-Channel Class D Plug+Play Nano Digital Amplifier

2 x 52/95 Watts RMS @ 4/2 Ω

1 x 190 Watts RMS @ 4 Ω bridged

HPF/LPF @ 80 Hz

THD+N @ 5W/RMS < 0,007%

Frequency Range 10 Hz bis 60 kHz

Dimensions 70 x 35 x 90 mm

Efficiency up to 90%

€ 175,00

Manufacturer's suggested retail price, changes and mistakes reserved.

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