Class D Active Module for Subwoofer Enclosures


Class D Active Module for Subwoofer Enclosures (4 Ω Version)
Efficient Class D Mono Amplifier

1 x 460 Watts RMS @ 4 Ω

Efficiency up to 84%

LPF 40-120 Hz @ 12 dB

Phase Shift 0°/180°

Bass Boost 0-6dB @ 45Hz

RCA Low Level Input

High Level Input

Auto Turn-On Function (DC or signal)

Start-stop capable, 5 sec./ up to 7 Volts

EPS PRO with 10R / 150R / 600R (switchable)

Input Sensitivity 15 or 40 Volts (switchable)

Triple Limiter Function, Clipping LED

Bass Remote Controller

Suitable for housings with Quick Connect terminals

Dimensions 113 x 130 x 125mm

Mounting hole: 85 x 109 mm

€ 199,00

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