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HLC4 € 79,00*

4-Channel High/Level Converter with EPS

For front & rear, delivers turn-on-signal (remote), level controllers with clipping LED, protection circuit , very low idle current, 10-16V, Signal to Noise Ratio > 95dB, slew rate 9V/µS, channel sep. 80dB, 5 Hz - 60 KHz (+/-1 dB), RCA ouputs (unbalanced) 2,36Vrms, incl. velvet bag


The the high-level inputs are equipped with the “Error Protection System” (EPS), so when connected to OEM factory radios no functions are impaired or error messages are written to the vehicle memory.

Operation Voltage 10-16 V

Signal to Noise Ratio > 95 dB

Channel Separation 80 dB

Slew rate 9V/µS

Transmission Frequency 5 Hz - 60 KHz (+/-1 dB)

Bias Current (< 10 mA @ 14,4 V)

RCA Output (unbalanced) 2,36 Vrms

Auto Turn-On Function

Dimensions: 62 x 70 x 21mm


Owner's Manual

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