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The DIRECTION DWK connection kits are equipped with cables made of highly conductive copper, because powerful power amplifiers can only provide an optimal output performance, if a stable power supply is ensured. On the DWK6 Kit, both cables are already equipped with crimped cable lugs and sockets, making them ideal for the XENIUM XE plug+play DSP Amplifiers.

DWK6 € 29,90*

6 mm2 Amplifier Installation Kit made

from highly conductive full copper (99,9% OFC)

1 x 6 mm2  Power Cable (yellow), 5 m

1 x 6 mm2  Ground Cable (black), 1 m

ATC Fuse Holder (integrated in Power Cable)

Fuses: 2 x 20 A, 2 x 30 A, 2 x 40 A

* Manufacturer's suggested retail price, changes and mistakes reserved