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Any chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This also applies to audio components in vehicles. Therefore, if you want to upgrade your system with amplifiers, you are well advised to ensure a good signal connection to the original radio.


The DLC signal converters developed in Germany are specialized in two things: problem-free and error-free integration into the factory systems of modern vehicles and an absolutely high signal fidelity. The heart of this is the specially developed, continuously regulated, symmetrical HD power supply. After all, every audio circuit is only as good as its power supply unit, since the audio signal always consists of 100% of the operating voltage. Together with the use of high-quality operational amplifiers, the ESX developers have succeeded in achieving excellent sound quality. The result is not only evident in the gigantic signal-to-noise ratio of an incredible 122dB and an ultra-low distortion factor of 0.002%, but also in the linear frequency response of 5-57,000 Hz at -1db.


Another special feature of the converter is that it can be connected directly to OEM amplifiers. Even outputs of over 400 watts RMS (> 40V RMS) are no problem. The improved, switchable diagnosis system EPS PRO allows a selection between 10, 150 or 600Ω at the entrance, in order to adapt even problematic vehicles such as BMW or VW. In addition, both models have a clipping display, start-stop capability, Auto Turn-On Function and remote out.

DLC44 € 129,00*

4-Channel High/Level Converter with EPS PRO

Infinitely regulated symmetrical HD power supply

High input up to 400 watts (40V RMS) per channel

Input voltage switchable 1-15V / 15-40V

4-channel RCA low output up to 9V RMS

Frequency response 5 Hz - 57 kHz (+0 dB, -1dB)

EPS PRO (switchable) 10Ω - 150Ω - 600Ω

Auto Turn On (DC Offset / Signal) Vox adjustable

generates 12V remote output, 2 x Clipping LED

Floating ground jumper

Dimensions: 100 x 28 x 140 mm


Owner's Manual

Test Review

* Manufacturer's suggested retail price, changes and mistakes reserved