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DC1500 € 99,00*

1.5 Farad Power Capacitor

with integrated Distribution Block

Operating voltage 12 - 16 V DC

Operating temperature -20 ~ 60 ° C

Digital voltmeter with 4 digits

Auto Turn-On Function

Sturdy acrylic holders

Dimensions: Ø 7,4 cm x 24,5 cm


Distribution Block:

1 x Plus 25 mm² IN / 3 x 25 mm² OUT

1 x Minus 25 mm² IN / 1 x 25 mm² OUT

The DIRECTION DC1500 power capacitor with integrated distribution block provides more consistent power, sound enhancement and bass performance for the amp. With true 1.5 Farad capacity, it catches down unwelcome voltage fluctuations and stabilizes the entire sound system. Thanks to the integrated distribution block, the DC1500 is very versatile to use.


Owner's Manual


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