XENIUM DSP SERIES | 8-Channel DSP Processor

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The new ESX XENIUM X-DSP 8 channel processor allows the optimum adjustment of existing or subsequently installed speakers with an incredibly good precision and sound quality up to 31 frequency bands per channel. The up to 48 dB slope adjustable crossovers ensure accurate separation efficiency and time delay for ideal front staging. The processor can be triggered with up to 6 RCA inputs or if required by high level inputs. Thanks to the graphic user interface of the X-CONTROL software, everything is clearly displayed and allows intuitive programming. 10 storable setups can be accessed easily from the driver‘s seat by a remote control.

• 8-Channel DSP Prozessor 32bit / 192 kHz
• Remote controller with LCD display
• Screw-type RCA jacks
• Heavy lateral die-cast parts
• Illuminated logo badge
• Auto Turn-On, high level inputs
• Start/Stop ready
• X-CONTROL DSP Software for Windows™


8-Channel DSP Processor, 32 bit / 192 kHz
Auto-Turn-On, Highlevel Inputs, 6 RCA Inputs, 8 RCA Outputs,
Optical Input (stereo PCM 2.0), AUX Input 3,5 mm jack,
USB port for programming, DSP Software X-CONTROL for
MS Windows™ (XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1)
10 Settings storable on the device, Gain -40~+12dB, 
31-Band EQ 20~20.000 Hz, 6~48 db/Oct. Crossovers HP/BP/LP, Time Delay 0~15 ms/0~510 cm, Phase Shift 0°/180°, 
Remote Controller with LED-Display for Master Volume,
Subwoofer Volume, Input Mode, Setting Selection
Dimensions: 120 x 40 x 216 mm


Car & Hifi 05/2015 – Germany

The enclosed X-CONTROL software provides a variety of options to customize your sound system with the vehicle‘s acoustic. A clear and logically structured user interface allows intuitive handling and a sound tuning in real time while the DSP device is connected via USB to the software. All 8 channels can be configured individually or as a 4 channel pairs. Besides the crossover filters, high pass, low pass and band pass also parameters such as phase shift and time delay, including a 31-band EQ per channel can be set. You can store then up to 10 different configurations on the DSP device.


Download X-CONTROL 2


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