XENIUM SERIES | 4-Channel Analog Amplifiers

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The XENIUM Series features three sophisticated amplifiers with small footprint, which fulfill today‘s demands for compactness and performance. Space-saving, from computer-manufacturing known SMD technology enables impressing power and terrific features in elegant and timeless outfits. With an output power of up to 750 watts RMS @ 1 ohm and master/slave-option, the X-ONE model belongs rather to the „Heavy Weight“ champions.

The fullrange Class A/B amps X-TWO and X-FOUR are well-sounding multi-talents. They come with bandpass mode and outstanding specifications, perfect for all kind of multiple speaker system applications. ESX amplifier models are well-known for their ambitious and decent looks. The new XENIUM Series follows this tradition with its pleasing visual appearance and moreover it lifts it to a whole new level. Due to the clever mounting system of the XENIUM amplifiers, the three equal-sized models can be stacked on top of each other, perfect to mount when available space in a vehicle is very limited. All three models have proved their skills in the two leading German car audio magazines.

• Extreme small Dimensions (all Models: 200 x 51 x 260 mm)
• Heavy Aluminum Heatsink with perfect Cooling Qualities
• Heavy Die-Cast Endcaps with concealed Mounting Channels
• Flush mount Acrylic-Inlay in Piano-Finish-Look
• Illuminated ESX-Logo with Mirror-Effect
• Mounting Option to double-stack more Amplifiers
• RCA In- and Output Jacks (only X-TWO and X-FOUR)
• Molded Power and Speaker Terminals
• High-Performance MOSFET PWM-Power Supply
• 3-way Protection (Reverse Polarity, Overloading, Overheating)


Mono Digital Bass Amplifier
1 x 300/500/750 Watts RMS @ 4/2/1 Ohms
Lowpass Filter 40-180 Hz
Bass-Boost 0-12 dB, Subsonic 15-55 Hz
Master/Slave Link-Mode
Bass-Remote Controller
200 x 51 x 260 mm
Efficiency up to 87%


autohifi 03/2010 – Germany

Grade: 56 of 100 Points
Classification: Top Class
Price performance ratio: 6 of 6 Stars


Car & Hifi 05/2010 – Germany

Grade: 1,3 (1 = best, 6 = worst)
Classification: Upper Class
Price performance ratio: Very well


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