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The ultimate ESX statement piece is now available as limited edition. State-of-the-art technology combined with ultra-brutal SPL performance up to 16000 Watts peak.


V-MAX Limited Edition

38 cm (15") SPL-Subwoofer
8.000 Watt RMS, 16.000 Watt Peak
Impedance 4 x 1,3 Ohm
Fs 34 Hz, Qts 0,26, VAS 46 L, 90 dB
100 mm / 4,0" Voice-Coil
Ultra-rigid cast aluminum basket
Non-pressed paper cone
Extra-large high excursion rubber surround
26,6 cm (10.5”) CONEX dual spider
Woven wire tinsel leads
Vented and extended pole piece
Push terminal binding posts
Flat wound, copper clad aluminum quad voice coil
Hybrid voice coil former
Rubber magnet cover
Mounting depth 253 mm
Mounting diameter 355 mm


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