SIGNUM SL SERIES | Coax Speakers

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The SIGNUM SL loudspeakers are perfect for replacing original factory speakers and they even sound very well with the lower amplification power of the head unit. Besides the good adjustment and the well balanced sound, ESX made a point on compactness to assure the installation in almost every vehicle thanks to the shallow dimensions and small crossovers.
High temperature 25 mm Kapton carried voice coils, poly injection cones with aluminum look and elastic foam surrounds and the space saving concealed magnets are standing for a fine drawing and high definition music playback despite shallow dimensions.


10 cm 2-Way Coax-Speaker
13 mm Mylar-Tweeters
60 Watts RMS, 120 Watts Peak
4 Ohms Impedance
Ø 96 mm, ‡ 36 mm


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