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Power capacitors represent a very important component within a high-performance car audio system. The increasingly power-hungry board electronics of newer vehicles allow usually no large power reserves for the amplifiers and when you turn the air conditioning or seat heating the system voltage suddenly drops below 10 volts until the electrical system stabilizes after a while. These „drop downs“ make themselves immediately noticeable as power interruptions in the music playback and the bass and lower frequencies skips temporarily. This can also happen vice versa, if the amplifier reproduces a very intense and strong bass section in a song, this can cause dropouts in the on-board voltage and the headlights start to flicker.

For these reasons, it is indispensable to use a power capacitor for sound installations above the 500 watt limit, because this device stores and buffers the voltage and supply the amplifier with the necessary power during voltage drop downs. Then, the electrical system is protected and music playback is not disturbed. Power Caps are usually just between the vehicle battery and amplifier. ESX therefore offers three Power Cap models in different capacities, which are perfectly designed for use with ESX amplifiers and provide a stable power in your vehicle.

Power Capacitor, Capacity 1.0 Farad
Operating voltage 12 - 16V DC
Operating temperature –20 ~ 60° C
Digital voltmeter display with 3 digits
Mounting accessories
Ø 74 mm x 260 mm


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