QUANTUM Q SERIES | Q202A Active Subwoofer System

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With the QUANTUM shallow active subwoofer system offers ESX the bass solution for extremely small space. The very slim built enclosure with an integrated special woofer and a true class A/B amplifier is ideal for small cars, sports coupes and convertibles and finds a place everywhere, if it‘s under or behind the seat or in a compartment in the trunk.

The one-piece cast aluminum heat sink possesses excellent cooling characteristics and ensure that the amp inside is not overheating. The active system has everything on board which provides an extra portion of bass in the already-installed audio system and with the built-in high-level inputs with auto-turn-on function, it is very easy to enhance every factory system. With the illuminated remote control the bass level of Q202A can be controlled out of the driver‘s seat.


20 cm (8”) Active Subwoofer
2 lateral Passive Woofers
1 x 100 Watts RMS
1 x 200 Watts MAX
Aluminum enclosure
LP Crossover 50-150 Hz
Bass Boost 0-18dB @ 45 Hz
Phase Switch 0/180°
Auto Turn On
High or Low Level Inputs
Subsonicfilter 20 Hz fixed
Bass-Remote included
245 x 75 x 345 mm


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